July 3, 2008

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For Amber

I am as delighted as a school girl on the playground at recess!  My friend Amber tagged me while I was away.  I am happy to oblige her (and you) with some facts about myself.

1. In my attempt to save the environment, I am quite the energy miser.  I do not leave a room without turning off the light, use flourescents everywhere possible (not in the bathroom, however, that light can be frighteningly serial killer-esque), dry the majority of our wash on racks or out on the line, unplug appliances when not in use, don’t have air conditioning, and keep our house on a mostly cold schedule during winter months.  From 5 pm – 9 pm weekdays, and 8 am – 9:30 pm weekends, the thermostat is set at sixty-eight degrees.  Otherwise, as this photo attests, it is set at a chilly fifty-three.  We discovered that this is a very nice temperature for sleeping.  However, at all other times, it can be a bit uncomfortable, so I wear a lot of clothing, a hat or hoodie, generally have a cat on my lap, and think about the South of France in summer.  Just so you know – fear not – if you visit our house, I will gladly turn the heat on for you! 

2.  I like to sing.  My voice is most definitely untrained, but I enjoy singing along to my favorite songs, and sometimes, rather unfortunately, to those I don’t particularly care for.  “If you tell my heart, my achy, breaky heart…”

3.  I wish I was more flexible.  I am pretty strong, but my legs are very tight.  I get down right giddy when I can touch my toes without straining, which, by the way, isn’t very often.

4. I like being alone.

5. My favorite men to ogle:  my husband (of course – he’s a cutie!), Peter Jennings, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney, and Romain Duris. EDIT – I forgot Javier Bardem!  So sorry.

6.  What chaps my hide: dishonesty, not taking responsibility for one’s actions, cruelty in any form.

7. What makes my heart sing: kindness, honesty, natural beauty.