November 26, 2012

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With another nod of gratitude to Laura O. Foster, I present you with Portland Hill Walk No. 15. It starts at the Leach Botanical Garden, verdant beauty tucked like a secret in Southeast.

Johnson Creek, swollen, swift, and silent, with its own secrets to tell.

The Leach Botanical Garden was originally a residence, and a beautiful one, at that. Learn more about it here.

An old gem of a Studebaker named Trudi.

Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams

Willamette National Cemetery on Mount Scott, a place of humility and gratitude.

Hello gorgeous.

Mount Hood

The Prisoner

My dear man. A great, albeit campy, television show. A rocking song.

Happy not to be bundled in a multitude of layers. Our clear day was very chilly.

¬†My stance, according to the hubster, epitomizes my womanliness. Maybe it was the clothes, too. He’s not sure. Regardless, I love the way he sees me.

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