August 19, 2008

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Do you recall the heat I wrote about the other day?  It was, “Hot, damn hot!  Crotch-pot cookin’ hot!” weather.  Remember who said that and in what movie?  I’ll tell you at the end.  The heat literally gave me a fever, had me spread out on the sofa with a fan in front of me, bemoaning global warming, watching bad telelvsion, and the Richard Donner cut of Superman II.  I highly recommend it, as it is not just one of those, ooh we added a little speck of color over there in the corner, so it is a new and exciting cut.  The story is different, as in, they never go to Paris or the Eiffel Tower, among other things.  Watch it!

Anyway, rather than being crabby and unproductive the entire time, the hubby and I got smart and retreated to the cool of the basement and the nifty craft room he made for me.  Good golly, what would we do without this space?  It was bliss down there, me sewing, Gregory doing something very technical on his lap top (I rarely understand), all while listening to my favorite stitching soundtrack.

These slippers are what I made.  Aren’t they cute?  I used a felted wool blanket that I bought at the Goodwill last year.  You can also see that I took advantage of one of those fancy stitches on my machine, as well.  Too bad I’m not like Bernie Mac and don’t like people I don’t know touching my feet, cause those toes aren’t the prettiest sight.

Back to the slippers – The bias tape is a double fold iron on style that I bought at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale.  I used some pleather on the bottom, along with two layers of the felted blanket.    They are pretty floppy, so when I make some for Gregory, I think I’ll add some Timtex or something to firm them up.  Considering I had no pattern and had never made a slipper before, I’m pretty pleased.

It’s cool here now, so I can actually wear them without sweating up a storm.  As for the quotation, it is Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam. 

Have a wonderful day…